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Chapter 1

Apple jack had been daydreaming bout her crush rainbow dash. She was so lost in her toughts that she didn't see the real rainbow dash walk up behind her. "Hey aj…" Rainbow dash stopped when she saw the vacant look in her friend's eyes. "uh, applejack?" rainbow put a hoof on applejack's shoulder, causing her to snap awake. "trees!" she shouted out loud. "anyways…" rainbow continued. "I wanted to show you this new trick I've been practicing, its called the rainbow corkscrew," she said. "uh sure, yeah okay. Rainbow took to the sky, then when she was really high up, she closed her wings and began to drop. Just inches from the ground, she pulled up , but she didn't see the tree until iit was too late. "Rainbow!" Applejack galloped over to the unconcious mare. "Hold on rainbow, Applejack's got ya." Applejack said, putting the mare on her back.


Rainbow's eyelids fluttered open. Oh man, my head…" Rainbow groaned. "oh miss dash, its good to see that you are awake," a voice said. "I am nurse red heart. "Your friend says you took quite the crash. You will be discharged this afternoon, but remember to take it easy, no flying for two weeks."  "what?" rainbow dash seemed confused. "Please, leave and take your friend uh dapple jeck.. "Applejack" rainbow corrected. "Applejack, with you. She has been sitting in the lobby for 3 days straight; I have little fillies at home!"


"uh hey applejack," rainbow said as she approached the orange mare.  "Oh rainbow, thank celestia you're okay! You really gave me a scare!" applejack said, crushing her friend in a bear hug. " ack…cant..breathe.." rainbow dash inhaled as applejack released her. "hey, uh applejack, do you mind  if I crash at your place , seeing a I can't get to mine?" "of course sugar cube, ya'll can stay as long as ya like."

-----Sweet Apple Acres 9:45 pm-------

Rainbow peeked into applejack's room. She couldn't sleep all by herself in that big room. She would never admit it an anypony, but she was scared to be alone. " Applejack. Hey , applejack!" rainbow whispered. "huh? Dash? What's wrong?" Applejack looked worried.
"um I know this may sound weird, but… c-could I um, sleep in here, with you, tonight?"
She asked shyly. "of course, ya'll don't need to ask dash, climb on in!"
       The next morning, applejack awoke to find too cyan legs wrapped around her.
She could faintly hear Rainbow dash mumbling in her sleep. "Oh applejack baby, you dirty little mare! No not there…" rainbow began to moan softly, causing applejack to blush.
Several hours later, rainbow awoke to an empty bed. "hm, maybe she's out apple bucking. I think ill go for a walk.

-------white tail woods-----
Rainbow had been walking all day, actually enjoying the scenery. Dusk had started to approach. She suddenly heard a voice. "raiiiiinnnbowww" "huh? Who's there?" rainbow put up her hooves in defense. "raiiinbowww. Come to me."
Suddenly the world went black.
after breaking a wing in a flying incident, rainbow dash is confronted by the very same thing that turned Princess luna into night mare moon. can her freinds save her from this evil?
Cover art wonderfully done by DuskDrift
i got my inspiration for this story by reading Always connected- by *The-rogue-shadow
and reading Dusk in PonyVille by~TigerDusk27
derpyhooves994 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
omg need more and could you put a link to the cover art? please.
a2986338 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
need more@@
SirianTaz Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Nice work, cant wait for more
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